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State and District Level Geospatial Web Portal For Planning and Development

About Odisha Sampad

“Odisha Sampad” portal is the repository of State’s geospatial datasets consisting of administrative information, natural resources data layers, geocoordinate/ georeferenced infrastructure details and other socio-economic parameters. The portal aims to cater to the need of geo-spatial data need of state administrators, decision makers, resource managers and planners.

The portal can be used for planning, especially for community development at block level by using scientific database containing geo-spatial natural resources & infrastructure profile of the block and spatial representation of demographic, socio-economic, agro-economic and utilities/ amenities/ infrastructure data (generated by GIS based analysis and visualization).

Under this backdrop, Odisha Space Applications Centre (ORSAC), the state nodal agency for RS, GIS, GPS & SATCOM applications initiated the preparation of 'Block Level Resource Atlas & GIS Database Generation' project using latest satellite remote sensing data for all the blocks of our State. The center has aptly demonstrated the application of Space and IT technology for generating inputs for development planning through preparation of this Digital Web-Atlas as ODISHA SAMPAD (Ver 1.0) and released it in 2007-08.

The digital geo-spatial database of the Portal was used extensively for five years by all stakeholders to facilitate the sustainable use of natural and human resources and also for optimum utilization in proper implementation of different development schemes at Block level. The portal was updated again in 2012 as Ver 2.0 by updating the information in various layers. As the technology used for development of the portal became obsolete and non-updation of the layers by user departments the portal became redundant for reference and use by stakeholders. But there was continuous request from multiple users to update it and make it more user friendly. Further the users demanded to keep it in open platform for use by all types of users including common citizens.

Growth of IT technology particularly web-based services in e-governance, adoption of advanced Geo-ICT technology at ORSAC and approval of Odisha State Data Policy (OSDP) led the foundation for creation of ODISHA SAMPAD (Ver 3.0) in 2018.

On August 2015, Odisha State Data Policy (OSDP) was approved by Govt. of Odisha vide Gazette of Govt. of Odisha Notification No.1270, 29th August 2015. ORSAC is the Nodal Agency of the Govt. of Odisha for implementing the policy in the state. Department of Science & Technology, Govt. of India has sponsored the Project to create Odisha Spatial Data Infrastructure (OSDI) in the line of National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) in the year 2015. OSDI was developed to implement the Project i.e. "Development of Geoportal and Clearing house for Provision of Geospatial Information Services under Odisha Spatial Data Infrastructure (OSDI)". OSDI primarily designed to maintain geospatial data and metadata and to deliver it to external clients in Geoportal application and as OGC Services under strict security protocol. Therefore, the objective of providing geospatial data in public domain was not achieved under OSDI portal and it was decided to generate ODISHA SAMPAD (Ver 3.0) in public domain for use by all stakeholders without any approval or request.


ODISHA SAMPAD (Ver 3.0) is to facilitate easy access and sharing of Government owned data in open format for supporting sustainable and inclusive governance and effective planning; for implementation and monitoring of developmental programmes; for managing and mitigating disasters and scientific research aiding informed decisions for public good.


OS web-portal is supported by an online platform that provides authoritative spatial data at village, panchayat, block and district scales; an authentication data integrity framework and a set of on-line tools to visualize, analyse and access geospatial data. Originally created for stakeholders involved in block/district level planning, Ver 3.0 is expanded to provide spatial data through an administrative search query mode which can help inform stakeholders about administrative boundaries, natural resources, network infrastructures, social & cultural infrastructures and geo-spatial representation of census/socio-economic data.